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Welcome to the leading Bitcoin Training platform, we are pleased to announce the launch of our website and hope it creates a platform that will help the general public to become experienced and well aware of the changes that we are currently undergoing, that being a new set of currencies being brought in to the world as we speak!

If you are new to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many of the other cryptocurrencies do not worry, we are hear to train you from the basics all the way up to the most advanced areas regarding cryptocurreny and how you can make a generous income from doing little work.

Simply sign up today by using the signup form to your right, if you wish to have a read first by all means take a look around our site or even get in contact if you have any questions / queries regarding our platform.

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By signing up you will be started with the very basics, we have tailored plans according to each and every individual and depending on your current experience will determine the learning package we will provide. Simply sign up above and start learning today!


Here at Bitcoin Florida we have an exceptional level of support, we aim to respond to all queries within 48 hours and depending on the severity of your question it may even be answered much sooner. Please bare in mind we also have Skype and Facebook.

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We have trained professionals ready to start you on your journey and make sure they are there to support you along your path to success. We love Bitcoin and would love to teach you about it and ways you can make a stable income from investing in BTC.

Bitcoin and its Growth!

Are you still a bit sceptical about investing?

We would kindly ask you to watch the video on the left and be very open minded when doing so. A lot of people have missed their chance to invest when bitcoin was below $10 and the people who did are now very, very rich indeed. Think about the life you could be living right now if you was one of the investors when BTC was just $10.

It’s not too late, it may be of been more beneficial investing back in 2010 however as we know it wasn’t that big then and a lot of people didn’t have trust in Bitcoin. This however has all changed and we believe BTC will continue to become stronger, join us today along with many other Famous / Rich people such as Richard Branson as you can see in the video.

For many years people have been living a “I wish I did this” life. If you were to use Bitcoin Florida we can change that to a “I am so happy I did”. Simply sign up above and start learning today! Your success really does lay in your hands, decide NOW!.